Yest. (Sunday) Tom Friedrich & I planted small plants of corn, cucumber, thyme, and 2 full-sized ‘Early Girl’ tomatoe plants near Ginny’s & mine in Ginny’s plot. Tom had wanted to plant somewhere, so why not where nothing was growing…yet? We prepared the plot by laying in 4 bags of Miraclegro ‘potting soil for vegetables & flowers’ bought on sale at OSH (Orchard Supply Hardware, etc.) Tom intends to water the new plants daily, so we’ll see how they come along. If they do well, we’ll certainly have plenty of tomatoes from 7 plants. I don’t expect anything much from the spindly corn & cucumber plants, but I hope the thyme thrives. 
As I woke up at 6a.m. today (Fri, the 13th of APRIL) I heard the FM radio call this “The Rainy Season.” It rained all day yest. & all nite, but seems to’ve finally stopped this morning, puddles unstippled by raindrops. The sun lights up anything white – incl. bldgs. & clouds. Reggie’s sitting to my right, quietly staring out the window as The Northern Sinfonia plays Debussy’s ‘Petit Suite’ on CapRadio (Sacramento CA) that says it will be “drier & warmer on the weekend.” Let’s hope

[beforedaybreak] Days now are relatively cold (daybreak: low 40sF, peaking by 4pm at 58oF) & lightly rainy in early Rainy Season (=Winter) here in Norcal, so Reggie didn’t get to go owt! yest. because I know he wouldn’t like getting his feet wet…

Bill Costley

(doings:) I offered the COMPLETE cookbook (Murdock Books, Sydney Aus. 2002) to psychotherapist Joel Art who said he couldn’t accept gifts, so I instantly finessed it as ‘a permanent loan’ instead & he accepted it as that. We didn’t talk about kangaroo meat.

Bill Costley

(doings:) This past Mon. I was able to tell psychotherapist Joel Art that I was quite mistaken about kangaroo meat not being eaten in Australia. It is; it’s even exported. I’ve since found out from someone who has eaten it in Germany that it tastes like beef & is served with a ‘reduced’ red-wine sauce & local Australian vegetables. Australians also eat big rabbits (which have grown far too wildly plentiful in rural parts) & crocodiles. Last Mon. aft. I loaned Joel “the COMPLETE Cookbook” (Murdoch Books, Sydney, Aus., 2002, to take home to read. When I see him next Mon., I’ll ask him what he thinks of it; there aren’t any kangaroo recipes in it.~


(weather:) Yesterday’s stiff 100mi. hr. Santa Anna hot winds seem to have blown worst in the L.A. area (far south of me); here the blustery, dry warm winds reminded me of early Sept. in Boston.

(doings:) Alice, Ginny’s sister up in Santa Rosa called to say she liked the Arness H+H “soup” cookbooks. (She’s almost blind; how does she read them?) When she comes down here for Christmas dinner (18 DEC), I intend to give her: the COMPLETE cookbook (Murdock Books, Sydney, Aust., 2002, 600pp.) Mon. at the Santa Clara Senior Center, Joel Art, a Jewish psychotherapist, previously a chef in New Orleans, asked me: “Do they eat kangaroo?” “No, I said, they eat…English.” (=blandly.)

~ Bill

(weather:) The morning’s profound fog lifted by noon & it’s now a bright, chilly light-blue day, tho the distant mtns. are still fogged in.

(doings:) I forgot to mention that on Thanksgiving I brought 2 large (230x300mm) softcover Arness’ Hermes House (London) “Soup” cookbooks up to Santa Rosa (in Sonoma Cty., my mistake) for Ginny’s bro-in-law Bob Graham to read, use, keep. I also brought him 2 jade-plants. (I’ve been growing them ever since I moved here 4 yrs ago. I’m beginning to grow avocados from their seeds.) For myself, I’ve kept the H&H “One-pot, slow-pot, & CLAY-POT cooking ” (by Jenni Fleetwood) because I favor stove-top/crock-pot cooking: as I write this, my old Rival crockpot is bubbling away full of this week’s left-over borscht, with new beet-greens, carrots, & multi-colored rotelli.

~ Bill Costley

(weather:) It’s profoundly foggy here this morning; I can just barely see to the end of the parking-lot below.

(doings:) Reggie threw up a coiled rope-like hairball this morning on my bed, so I got up, lifted it off the bed wrapped in toilet-paper & disposed of it in the toilet, & sprayed the brown spot where it had been with [{409}] spot-remover…which instantly disappeared. Impressive!Reggie is now staying fairly near me as I type this, cleaning himself, as usual.

~ Bill Costley

It’s unusually cold today here in Santa Clara (43oFat 7am), & expected to be in the mid-60s by the evening. North of S.F. it’s 31oF (1degree below freezing) in Santa Rosa where Ginny & I expect to be celebrating Thanksgiving Day (Thurs. the 24th) at her sister Lee & brother-in-law Bob Graham’s double-wide trailer in Colonial Park trailer-park.

~ Bill Costley

I recently moved some money from the USA’s #2 bank to a quickly-growing credit union to protest the bank’s planning to charge $5/mo. to use my existing debit card. It rescinded that policy yesterday after its nearest competitors decided not to charg. Why? because a 22yr-old nanny named Molly Katchpole got 306,000 signatures on a petition against it. Not connected with the Occupy movement, she’s called for a shift-your-accounts day for 05 NOV. We’ll see how many people do.~

Bill Costley.

We are apparently expecting severe weather tomorrow (as per The Telegraph) –

People are urged to “be aware” of the possibility of severe weather in several regions across Great Britain, including: Northern Ireland, Wales, West Midlands, South-West England, London and South-East England.

Areas likely to be hit the hardest by the extreme weather are Cornwall, West Devon, Pembrokeshire and Northern Ireland, according to the Met Office, which said there could also be the possibility of some flooding.

The weather service’s website said: “Periods of heavy rain, accompanied at times by strong winds, will affect parts of western Britain during Monday.

“The public should be aware that quantities of rain may be sufficient in a few places to disrupt travel and give rise to localised flooding.

“In Northern Ireland the heaviest rain is expected to arrive later in the day.”


It’s being predicted to break 85oF today here, as hot as high Summer tho we’re now into Fall, demonstrating Northern California’s weather with 3 zones reported on TV: Coast (coolest), Bay (transitional), Inland (East Bay+, hottest). No serious rain yet; that’s usually in Winter, called ‘The Rainy Season.’

Bill Costley

Today I did NOT get up before dawn, I eventually got out of bed at 10am. It is darker now in the morning and colder. The clocks go back one hour next Sunday at 2am. Then it will really look like winter is on its way.

(doings:) Once again I showed “The King’s Speech” (Geo VI as stammerer) here at Valley Village last nite (21 OCT) & again it was well rec’d. tho the sound suddenly shut-off mid-film, but I managed to get it back on, using the gap as an intermission, telling the audience to get drinks & eat popcorn, etc (provided by Ginny) while I told them that there’s a former Londoner now living in Valley Village whose dad had a similar stammer & was also cured of it by Lionel Logue who became a hero to their family too.

Bill Costley

(doings:) 1) My son Alex (50) visited his sister Maya (51) & nephew Aysha (23) in Putney VT this wk. while she’s on pd. vacation. Aysha’s planning to ride his motorcyle down to FL & back before it snows in VT. I wonder if Aysha has ever travelled that far on his motorcycle before? 2) Like 150+K other people in this country, I’m angry at Bank of America (the country’s largest bank) for its deciding to charge $5/mo for its free debit cards, so today, in compensation, I’ve just opened a small no-fee checking & debit. acct. with Patelco (the former Pacific-Bell CU gone national.) 3) Ginny failed her recent DMV driving test (by driving too slowly, among other things) & has a DMV hearing on the 25th to defend herself.

Bill Costley

I’m up before daybreak. The Weather Channel says it’s

Mostly CloudyAM Clouds / PM SunPartly CloudyPartly Cloudy
60°FFeels Like: 60Past 24-hr:Precip: 0 inSnow: 0 inWind:From W at 7mphThrough 12pm: Some decrease in cloudiness with temperatures steady or slowly warming to the upper 50s. Winds light and variable.

~ Bill Costley

For about a week now, the heat has finally been turned on for the Winter here in Valley Village. Ironically, the weather has turned warmer, too. Today, it peaks in the mid 70os F, yesterday, in the mid 80soF. Mtns.are completely grey-fogged-out.

This Fri. eve. we will be showing “The King’s Speech” about Geo. VI’s overcoming his stammer in 1936. – for the 2nd-time because at the last showing someone suddenly fell off their chair mid-film. The safety rules here at Valley Village require that when that happens, they be attended to by the resident nurse, who was attending to someone at the same moment in another bldg. We had to turn on the lights & wait for the nurse to arrive & immed. rescheduled the film for next (this) month on Fri. the 21st.

– Bill Costley

(doings:) Ginny & I & J. Dereck Jeffers (an Irishman retired from NYC publishing) are going to an annual 4th of July pot-luck picnic just a mile away in Santa Clara @ 4pm. We’re bringing a large red (pannier) basket of oranges & apples as our pot-luck contribution; then, @ 7pm we’re going to view the fireworks from another St. Mark’s poetry project friend’s backyard in the bordering city of Cupertino (home of Apple Computer, etc.)

~ Bill Costley

Current watch level: Level 2 – Alert and Readiness in one or more regions of England and Wales

Issued at: Friday 24 June 2011 at 09:53

The probability of heatwave conditions in parts of England and Wales between 1200 on Sunday and 0900 on Tuesday is 60%

Very warm air is expected to spread north across parts of southeastern and eastern England during the latter part of the weekend and the start of next week. There is a lot of uncertainty on Tuesday, as to whether the warm conditions will continue, although after Tuesday, confidence is higher that cooler conditions will move in from the west.

(Weather:) 61F, sunny, mtns. fogged out

(Doings:) Last nite’s film showing was a success – except for my having accidentally disconnected the DVD projector 15m into the film; so I apologized to the audience, & began it again. It was pretty heavy rural social-realism (not expected of the young Mel Gibson) for the audience, but a few elderly women came up to me after it was over & thanked me for showing it. A flaky regular man with a very bad memory (he keeps losing his car) suggested we show an adventure film next week (we only show one/month.), so I told him to think of a title & get back to me. –


2 nite here at Valley Village, we’re showing THE RIVER (1984) Mel Gibson’s 1st USA film, set in the northeastern Tennessee Valley. A commercial-feed corn-growing farm family (husband: Gibson; wife: Sissy Spacek) struggle agaisnt rain, storms, and bank foreclosure. Fellow farmers scab in a steelmill to survive until the workers win, so the farmers have to leave the mill ignominiously, walking between a gauntlet of factory workers, getting spat upon. The ban’s attempt at bulldozig his farmhouse is defeated by his neighbors who support him. He brings in a bumper crop of feed-corn. & pays the bank off. This is not Elvis Presley’s urban Memphis TBN (where his dad owned a paint-store.) Gibson is flinty & real, even tho young.

Bill Costley

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