For about a week now, the heat has finally been turned on for the Winter here in Valley Village. Ironically, the weather has turned warmer, too. Today, it peaks in the mid 70os F, yesterday, in the mid 80soF. Mtns.are completely grey-fogged-out.

This Fri. eve. we will be showing “The King’s Speech” about Geo. VI’s overcoming his stammer in 1936. – for the 2nd-time because at the last showing someone suddenly fell off their chair mid-film. The safety rules here at Valley Village require that when that happens, they be attended to by the resident nurse, who was attending to someone at the same moment in another bldg. We had to turn on the lights & wait for the nurse to arrive & immed. rescheduled the film for next (this) month on Fri. the 21st.

– Bill Costley