(doings:) 1) My son Alex (50) visited his sister Maya (51) & nephew Aysha (23) in Putney VT this wk. while she’s on pd. vacation. Aysha’s planning to ride his motorcyle down to FL & back before it snows in VT. I wonder if Aysha has ever travelled that far on his motorcycle before? 2) Like 150+K other people in this country, I’m angry at Bank of America (the country’s largest bank) for its deciding to charge $5/mo for its free debit cards, so today, in compensation, I’ve just opened a small no-fee checking & debit. acct. with Patelco (the former Pacific-Bell CU gone national.) 3) Ginny failed her recent DMV driving test (by driving too slowly, among other things) & has a DMV hearing on the 25th to defend herself.

Bill Costley