(weather:) The morning’s profound fog lifted by noon & it’s now a bright, chilly light-blue day, tho the distant mtns. are still fogged in.

(doings:) I forgot to mention that on Thanksgiving I brought 2 large (230x300mm) softcover Arness’ Hermes House (London) “Soup” cookbooks up to Santa Rosa (in Sonoma Cty., my mistake) for Ginny’s bro-in-law Bob Graham to read, use, keep. I also brought him 2 jade-plants. (I’ve been growing them ever since I moved here 4 yrs ago. I’m beginning to grow avocados from their seeds.) For myself, I’ve kept the H&H “One-pot, slow-pot, & CLAY-POT cooking ” (by Jenni Fleetwood) because I favor stove-top/crock-pot cooking: as I write this, my old Rival crockpot is bubbling away full of this week’s left-over borscht, with new beet-greens, carrots, & multi-colored rotelli.

~ Bill Costley