(weather:) Yesterday’s stiff 100mi. hr. Santa Anna hot winds seem to have blown worst in the L.A. area (far south of me); here the blustery, dry warm winds reminded me of early Sept. in Boston.

(doings:) Alice, Ginny’s sister up in Santa Rosa called to say she liked the Arness H+H “soup” cookbooks. (She’s almost blind; how does she read them?) When she comes down here for Christmas dinner (18 DEC), I intend to give her: the COMPLETE cookbook (Murdock Books, Sydney, Aust., 2002, 600pp.) Mon. at the Santa Clara Senior Center, Joel Art, a Jewish psychotherapist, previously a chef in New Orleans, asked me: “Do they eat kangaroo?” “No, I said, they eat…English.” (=blandly.)

~ Bill